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Our Story

McGlynn Partners grew out of the success of the McGlynn family businesses. A rich history of related business that grew and changed with the economics of the times from 1919 to 2017 and was managed by three generations of McGlynn's. It is that history that gives us the talents and wisdom to help others.

Management Insight

The Process

Our passion for designing a path to success with enough flexibility to quickly and efficiently change strategy to adopt to the constant market changes is a winning formula. By using business solutions from Microsoft and others, results can be monitored closely. Sometimes things don't work perfectly - our best strength is from garnering the positives of each experience and roll them into a redefined strategy that will redirect the efforts towards even greater results.

The Ticket

By working closely with our clients we become part of the total team. Whether you are looking to grow a long-established business or to strike into new territory, our leadership and team provide insights to making the best decisions on a timely basis to drive towards goals that are meaningful and attainable.
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